Good journeys starts with a wandering mind. Where will yours take you?

As a story teller my first purpose is to entertain. Through that, however, I have a chance to explore concepts in science, mythology, philosophy and social. I greatly treasure exploration both outward and inward, and nothing excites me more than breaching new frontiers of discovery. Often I wonder how it would be to plant those first footsteps on a new world or novel idea. Along the way if what we think we know isn’t challenged or preconceived notions left un-shattered then we’re doing it wrong.

My first love in stories draws on a wonder for nature, the exhilaration of spaceflight, the awe in technological advancement and startling revelations of the mind, be that mind human, animal or of another world. Should you choose to take a trip in your mind in the worlds I write out cherish what you experience, but brace yourself for the wild ride.

The first of my published works, the Squad V series [Melange Books, LLC] poses intriguing possibilities about what lies in wait for humanity and individual people. These stories also ask some tough questions as to who we are and who we could be. Tampered Tales represents a cross-section of where my unbound mind goes while awake or after I close my eyes.

On this site you will find short stories, essays representing thought experiments and places I have tread only in my dreams.

Step aboard and enjoy.

-John Steiner


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