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An Interview with John Steiner, author of "Fire Alive"  

Squad V Kindle Edition Review

"I haven't read a book like this since enjoying Robert Heinlein in my early teens, but there are definite parallels in the combination of real-world contemporary and future tech with the imagining of a world unknown to the rest of us. And just as I took away a better understanding of engineering and politics from Heinlein, I've gained a better grasp of paramilitary organization and fighting techniques from reading Steiner. I also found that Squad V dovetails nicely with the sci-fi / fantasy / horror film, Daybreakers, a movie that I enjoy for its similarly logistical take on the myth of the undead." -Tori Ridgewood

Read John's new video interview on Facebook here. SLCC Talk Show airs on Comcast channel 17 at 12:30.

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The Last of the Titans, in loving memory of August H. Steiner here

August Steiner has earned his place in the heavens.
August H. Steiner: November 23rd, 1939 – September 13th, 2012
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Coming soon -- Barer of the Ghost Nation

As a healer he strived to save his people from foreign plagues until they were slaughtered to the last. A sole survivor who witnessed the end of the world he knew. Four hundred years later Wanniukaga’s problems only started. A vampire additionally burdened with the spirits of his people.

Shattered by hard economic times St. Louis lays atop an older city whose people died out centuries ago, save for Wanniukaga who wanders its urban decay to this day. Locked in a struggle to preserve his people’s traditions and adapt to accelerating change the healer also must balance his many personalities. Two homeless teenagers befriend and help Wanniukaga through difficult times against other vampires responsible for the death of his people, religiously motivated amateur vampire slayers and hard hearted Squad Five operator stepping outside the rules of his unit.

Read John's new interview with the other authors of Spellbound 2011 here.

Coming Soon -- Snowflake Girl Snowflake Girl

Life is tough for a single woman in a new city. Find an apartment, pay bills, hunt for a job... and dodge paramilitary vampire hunters. Cecilia Freeland didn't ask for vampirism. All she did was fight to survive. But her life is forever changed. Alienated from society and the law Cecilia has to stay ahead of Squad Five.

Cover Art for Snowflake Girl by Mae Powers.

In an interview by Mysti Parker on her blog, Unwritten, John Steiner describes the evolution of Squad V's vampires and vampire hunters as well as insights into the rise of Half Seen, Half Hidden. At the end is a sample from what he most recently cooked up.

See John's interview appearing in the Jade Mystique blog by Mila
Ramos here.

Short Stories

Attention to Detail

Walking other Worlds




A Stroll Through the Garden of the Mind

To Thine Known Self

Where Does the Chimpanzee Go From Here

Too Conscious To Be Civilized

A Wolf Among the Cattle


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