Squad V

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In the decades following the second world war the United States created new agencies and departments to address a wide range of issues including intelligence, emergency response to disaster and disease as well as covert warfare both abroad and domestically. These converge on discovery of a new threat not only to the U.S. but to the fundamental nature of human society and physiology.

Quincy Barns, a former U.S. Army Ranger and CIA paramilitary operative, learns that not only are vampires real but there is a professional combat force trained and equipped to face the threat they pose. Once recruited into Squad Five Quincy faces enemies and inner dilemmas like nothing the hardened veteran can imagine.





"The story’s unique dichotomy of one half espionage drama and one half supernatural thriller blend together seamlessly where most books would fail. There are plenty of both to keep fans of either side happy. Quincy’s squad is a band of career military soldiers armed with the highest tech equipment to battle the creatures of the night, while the vampires are classic without being cliché. Made with more of a scientific bend as to where they get their supernatural powers, the vampires feel plausible, and rather than taking from the same vampiric stock of Eastern Europians growing up in castles, it’s refreshing to see American born vampires as actual characters rather than thugs with fangs." -Joseph Meyere, The Globe

"I haven't read a book like this since enjoying Robert Heinlein in my early teens, but there are definite parallels in the combination of real-world contemporary and future tech with the imagining of a world unknown to the rest of us. And just as I took away a better understanding of engineering and politics from Heinlein, I've gained a better grasp of paramilitary organization and fighting techniques from reading Steiner. I also found that Squad V dovetails nicely with the sci-fi / fantasy / horror film, Daybreakers, a movie that I enjoy for its similarly logistical take on the myth of the undead." - Tori Rodgewood